The security and surveillance of a casino

Ever wondered how a casino keeps their millions safe? If you think about it, there is much more TLC required when it comes to such big amounts of money and the regular camera system or security guard will most definitely not cut it. To think that those type of systems alone are sufficient enough to be able to keep up with master con-artists, hackers and just the regular Joe who decided that stealing money can be both cool and easy has left much to the imagination to just how much security a casino has.

Now, of course, there are systems set in place which include both cameras and guards, but that’s not all. On the contrary, casinos make use of some of the biggest and qualified engineers in the world to keep their money-making buildings safe. These engineers are responsible for more than half of the worlds casino security.

One of which and probably the most popular, Jeff Jonas. Now, this is a man that knows the Las Vegas strip and gambling industry like the back of his hand. He is a founder and chief, as well as a scientist, of the SRD (Systems Research & Development). He has a history of building several casino systems, dating back to as early as before 2005. In 2005 his company was bought by the massive IBM which was intrigued by his SRD’s Nora system, a technology built to uncover the relationships exploited fraudulently for the benefit of profit. These were utilized by gamblers and dealers. Jeff has since climbed the ladder of IBM and is now the chief scientist and engineer for its Entity Analytic Solutions. He now focuses on applying technology to national security and major banking industries. If he’s sorting out the security for major banking systems across the globe, there is no doubt he created a monster of a security system for the biggest casinos in the world.

How much security for a casino


Believe it or not, casinos don’t have money to throw around and even though security is noticeably considered to be one of the most important factors in the industry, is as it deals with a lot of money. That is thus why casinos make use of one individual to create an efficient system, rather than hiring load guards from individual security companies. Some of the biggest casinos, however, spend more on their security. Some such as Bellagio, for instance, has 2000 cameras connected to more than 50 monitors with people watching the surveillance screens 24 hours a day. The footage from these cameras is collected and used forensically. Whenever a casino player wins a substantial amount of money, the relevant game, dealer and player must be screened. This prevents bribery, stealing and threatening to win a game.

A casino can be one of the most entertaining and dangerous spaces all at the same time. It is inevitable that there will always be someone trying to snitch money, but thanks to the very best engineers in the world, this is made less and less possible each day.

Post Author: Jerome Kelley